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Lorella Flego: My lovely bag handbags - Part 3

Lorella Flego: My lovely bag handbags - Part 3

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Well, I really wanted this article because these handbags are a great thing and I've written about them before. Not only the design, which is really great, but also the quality of the material, the color and the different sizes, actually for every woman. My lovely bag is a brand that you can now also find here, and I am sure that it will not disappoint you. You can order them online, you get them in a beautiful box, and based on personal taste and preferences, I could add that each of us has our own My lovely bag. The bags come from Bosnia and have a really amazing story behind them of lovely women led by designer Marija Perić from Tomislavgrad.


Today I'm wearing two models, one a bit more ladylike, which I've already presented here, and one larger, ideal for a weekend getaway or when you're carrying gym stuff, a baby, or something like that. If the exterior is attractive, believe me that these handbags are also very beautiful inside. In recent years, the passion for handbags has become a wild thing. Bags are increasingly an object of desire. Why do we love them so much? Why can't we do without them? The bag is our most loyal friend. He knows our history. It always accompanies us and contains all the important items that we like to carry with us. It is the container of our identity that protects us from anxiety, allows us to confirm the idea we have about ourselves, and helps us achieve convergence between self-image, desires and expectations of others. Sometimes the bag is also a competitive message sent to other women, as Elif Shafak recounts in Three Daughters of Eve:


They flaunted designer handbags like trophies from distant battles

It is never superfluous for me to write about handbags, because they are objects that have many tasks: they are the container of our self, they define our identity, they compensate for the distance between the real self and the ideal self, they have a symbolic meaning that allows us to express different selves simply by changing models , trigger sexual and sometimes competitive messages, reassure us by showing our stability. When we always carry the same bag and perhaps add or subtract a few items from it depending on different times of the day, we express the need for an object that calms us and shows our harmony. In this case, the bag is like a comforting maternal body, filtering our fear of breaking the rules and losing our way. Do you think that psychology is exaggerating in this area? I wouldn't say. For myself, I can say that the bag is an extension of my Self and the fact that I hardly change them reflects my intimate desire for stability and security.

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