Lorella Flego: My lovely bag handbags - Part 7

Lorella Flego: My lovely bag handbags - Part 7

The author: Lorella Flego
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Dear readers and strong women,

this weekend was marked by the energies of the solstice and the beautiful, unique pink June moon, which again brings twists, changes, wild paths and at the same time opens wide the doors to the summer season. This is the most beautiful period for me, because I can become introverted without a bad conscience and really explore the corners of myself in peace and not let myself be distracted. Like every weekend, I left the coast and went to a house in the forest, where blooming blue hydrangeas awaited me and I could only marvel at nature, how it can take care of everything, if we only respect it. On the threshold of a new era, I like to be able to take time for small things, such as a glass of sweet wine on the balcony, when the moon is already high in the sky and there are only scented candles around me. Moments you don't forget. I am infinitely grateful for everything I have and how nice it is to know that I am 100% enjoying the beauty of the soul and personal peace.

Grateful to you too for being. Have a wonderful week.

Summer is the time when the color white shines. The combination of a corset and a long satin skirt is ideal for an elegant and comfortable summer look. A corset made of light materials such as cotton or satin is perfect for the warm season and at the same time a new piece that I am very excited about. The white color looks fresh and sophisticated, and the corset beautifully emphasizes the silhouette. The satin skirt is light and elegant, especially in the white version, which emphasizes the overall freshness and allows for many combinations. For a feminine and modern look, but also for a special occasion: today's styling really excites me.

My styling is as follows: Chicwish skirt and corset, Zara top, My Lovely Bag, Guess lounge shoes.


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